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Welcome to JV Capital


At JV Capital, we are passionate about empowering early-stage companies, startups, and commercial real estate funds in the USA and India. Our mission is to provide crucial strategic advice, offer expert guidance, and secure funding to fuel their growth in these vibrant markets.  

As a results-oriented team, we are committed to driving significant and sustainable growth for businesses and startups alike. Whether it's devising innovative marketing and sales processes, implementing efficient operating disciplines, or securing strategic investment, we are dedicated to achieving outstanding outcomes for our partners and clients.




Venture Partners and Angel Investors
We serve as Venture Partners and Angel Investors, actively seeking opportunities to invest in promising early-stage companies and high-potential commercial real estate projects. Our financial support, combined with strategic expertise, positions us as valuable partners in your journey to success.




Fueling early-stage ventures and startups

Our specialized support extends from exploring new geographic locations to navigating the complexities of these regions. We believe in nurturing and propelling early-stage ventures and startups to achieve their fullest potential for success, not only in the USA and India but on a global scale.


I am a visionary entrepreneur, real estate investor, and experienced CEO with a strong track record of success spanning over 20 plus years. Throughout my career, I have consistently been at the forefront of reinventing business strategies and models, introducing innovative products and services, fostering strong team cultures, and establishing efficient marketing and sales processes. These endeavors have consistently transformed businesses into fast-growing, high-performing companies.   

Passionate About Empowering Early-Stage Companies and Real Estate Funds 

I am deeply passionate about empowering early-stage companies and commercial real estate funds to achieve their fullest potential. My mission is to provide crucial strategic advice, offer expert guidance, and secure funding to fuel their growth in vibrant markets.  

Diverse Real Estate Portfolio 

With ownership (direct and indirect) in retail centers, restaurants, hotels, and multifamily properties, I understand the intricacies of the real estate industry. I take pride in having established retail tenant bases that include renowned brands like Starbucks, Chipotle, Jersey Mike's, and Domoshi.

Consulting Expertise for Fortune 500

In addition to my entrepreneurial ventures, I have provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Cisco, Bank of America, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Gerber Life, Nestle, and United Health. My insights and strategic counsel have contributed to the success of these industry giants. 

I am always eager to connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and real estate enthusiasts. Let's collaborate and explore opportunities to drive growth and success in the dynamic landscape of early-stage companies and commercial real estate.



Brad Sumrok

Brad’s first investment EVER was in 2002. He started with a 32-unit apartment complex and by 2005 he retired from his six-figure income job. Over the years, Brad has owned over 8500 units in 11 US Markets. He and his wife Jen earn 7-figures annually from their investments and have in turn significantly reduced their taxes. 


Mike Odell

Mike Odell is a 20-year Navy SEAL (ret) specializing in operational projects ranging from small missions to global endeavors. Mr. Odell bring experience in operational leadership, executive-level talent, and business acumen to the real estate market. Mr. Odell has invested in asset, The Augusta North Houston Apartments Houston, TX – 212 Units.


Sridhar Sannidhi

Sridhar Sannidhi is a partner in an apartment deal and has done syndication together. Sridhar is a Real Estate Entrepreneur for more than 20 years in apartments, Syndicated over 2700+ doors in 12 deals. Commercial and residential. Invested passively in over 8000+ doors in 30 deals approx, in the U.S. Syndicated over 2700+ doors in 12 deals.


Dr. Sanjeev Mall

Dr. Sanjeev Mall MD is a board-certified physician, actively investing in real estate since 2019. Dr Mall also serves as the Medical Director of a Hospice facility, and is also an active partner in a medical clinic in Arlington, TX. Dr. Mall portfolio includes single family and agricultural farmland in the state of Texas. Including 90 acres of agricultural land in Houston.

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